Cyber Heist (The Cyber Heist Files Book 1)

A Bitcoin trader in China has allegedly taken his own life following a disastrous trading loss on a highly leveraged trading position, as reported by Chinese blockchain outlet 8bt The timeline tracks cyber incidents involving financial institutions dating back to 2007. The timeline is based on Carnegie research and data BAE Systems’s threat intelligence team shares with Carnegie on a monthly basis and are subsequently added to the timeline. The incidents are coded using several indicators and can be filtered accordingly: incident type; target country and target region ... Bitcoin Scams: Complete List of Cryptocurrency Hacks, History & Help by BitcoinExchangeGuide. Hello valued visitors, welcome to the biggest, most comprehensive bitcoin scams guide on the Internet. It is the largest, most detailed all-in-one cryptocurrency hacks list available during bitcoin’s ten-year history you will find anywhere online (last updated April 2019). This time, faulty code was blamed for an exploit that allowed hackers to duplicate assets, or increase their i... Read More. Bitcoin 11/09/20 10:54 by Nick James Hackers Are Desperately Trying To Break Into This $700 Million Bitcoin Wallet It’s been a decade since the Bitcoin network went live. Over the years, many people have lost access to their BTC stash through various mistakes or ... Twitter Accounts Hacked by Bitcoin Thieves - July 15, 2020. Bitcoin value: $9214.13 Bitcoin value 10 days later: $9601.75 View Event #162 on Chart. Crypto hackers took over the Twitter accounts of prominent users including Bill Gates, Kanye West, Elon Musk and Barack Obama and many more. The Bitcoin wallet where followers were asked to send money received more than $118,000 before Twitter ... The bitcoin exchange known as Bitcoinica was one of the hardest-hit victims of an early bitcoin cyber attack involving an exploitation of a webhost known as Linode. Even though Bitcoinica’s CEO and founder Zhou Tong was just 17 years old when he started the exchange, traders flocked to Bitcoinica because it was one of the only platforms that allowed its users to take short positions on (or ... Cyber Heist (The Cyber Heist Files Book 1) Posted by tyjar on 30.10.2020 ... Binance more profitable than Deutsche Bank: Binance, one of the biggest exchanges in the world, has outperformed the mighty Deutsche Bank in terms of profitability, according to latest figures from both of these organizations. Binance posted a profit of USD 200 million between January and March, while Deutsche Bank only recorded net gains of USD 146 million, significantly under a targeted USD ... Once hailed as unhackable, blockchains are now getting hacked. More and more security holes are appearing in cryptocurrency and smart contract platforms, and some are fundamental to the way they ...

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